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The Plains of Passage Jean M Auel s enthralling Earth s Children series has become a literary phenomenon, beloved by readers around the world In a brilliant novel as vividly authentic and entertaining as those that came before, Jean M Auel returns us to the earliest days of humankind and to the captivating adventures of the courageous woman called Ayla With her companion, Jondalar, Ayla sets out on her most dangerous and daring journey away from the welcoming hearths of the Mammoth Hunters and into the unknown Their odyssey spans a beautiful but sparsely populated and treacherous continent, the windswept grasslands of Ice Age Europe, casting the pair among strangers Some will be intrigued by Ayla and Jondalar, with their many innovative skills, including the taming of wild horses and a wolf others will avoid them, threatened by what they cannot understand and some will threaten them But Ayla, with no memory of her own people, and Jondalar, with a hunger to return to his, are impelled by their own deep drives to continue their trek across the spectacular heart of an unmapped world to find that place they can both call home

About the Author: Jean M. Auel

Jean M Auel, n e Jean Marie Untinen is an American author best known for her Earth s Children books, a series of historical fiction novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores interactions of Cro Magnon people with Neanderthals As of 2010 her books have soldthan 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations Auel attended University of Portland, and earned an MBA in 1976 She received honorary degrees from her alma mater, as well as the University of Maine and the Mount Vernon College for Women She and her husband, Ray Bernard Auel, have five children and live in Portland, Oregon.

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    During the Ice Age when temperatures plummeted and the two human races a few scattered nomads, desperately struggled to survive the big freeze, in future Europe there was no love lost between them Competition may be fun in sports and other contests of mus

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    Summary Ayla and Jondalar travel to his homeland.Oh, you wanted me to be a bitspecific Okay.Summary Ayla and Jondalar head out to his homeland because while Ayla is supposed to sacrifice her newfound family, the Mamutoi, Jondalar can whine and complain to get wha

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    Normally I don t bother with reviews but I decided this time I would I give this book 4 stars because despite so much repetition it was still a good read and I am eagerly getting to the next one After I read the last book and read some quite funny reviews about how often

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    This is the beginning of the decline in the series for me My favorite book in the series is the Mammoth Hunters and I consider it the apex of the series This is a good story as they are traveling through the world back to France and spreading all this new knowledge to people.The

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    4 STARSAnother fabulous saga from Jean Auel s Earth s Children series I m really enjoying my trek across ancient Europe with Ayla and Jondalar, long as it may be And I never dreamed I d learn so much about glaciers Even though a good bit of this story took place between Ayla and Jondala

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    Okay, good I liked this one slightly better than the last one Ayla and Jondalar have kissed and made up and are on their way back to his home in Zelandonii They meet some people, have some laughs, do it in the bushes, and show everyone they meet how awesome they are Also Ayla s superwoman trans

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    I m still at the very, very beginning of the book, but see that one little star That s because the book essentially opens with an extremely graphic mammoth sex scene.Oh, Jeanwhat am I going to do with you

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    I get it The struggle of the longest journey The challenge came once I read it for the 3rd time yes I love the series that much.then I realized I had to skip over 10 chapters, 13 23 as I flipped and scanned it was all a tedious and meticulous description of the landscape The same animals that roamed the stepps

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    Thebooks are published in this series, the less magical the life of Ayla and Jondalar becomes to me First of all I have the feeling that whole text passages are just copy pasted from a previous book s into this one, because in my opinion there is a lot of repetition These books are quite unique, and therefore it is no

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    Next in my reread of this series, and this is where I intended to stop I think I will go on with Shelters of Stone though, because I just don t feel done yet I will have to see how I feel about the final, dreaded book though.I loved this one again, even if it is the travel book Jean has a tendency to info dump, something I di

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