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People of the Earth Thousands of years ago, small hunting bands crossed the fragile land bridge linking the Eurasian continent to the Americas and discovered a land untouched by humankind Over the centuries that followed, their descendents spread throughout this land Bestselling authors and awardwinning archaeologists W Michael Gear and Kathleen O?Neal Gear bring the stories of these first North Americans to life in this magnificent, multivolume saga Set five thousand years ago and ranging through what is now Montana, Wyoming, northern Colorado, and Utah, People of the Earth follows the migration of the UtoAztecan people south out of Canada It is the unforgettable tale of a woman torn between two peoples and two dreams, of the two men who love her and the third who must have her, and of the vision given to the peoples long ago by the spirit of the wolf

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    The First North Americans series is a prehistoric fiction series written by the husband/wife team of Michael & Kathleen Gear. People of the Earth is the third book in that series, and actually the best one I've read out of the first three.

    White Ash was kidnappe

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    Once again we are taken back through time, to another era of climate change and the movement of whole peoples across the land. The life and death struggle to survive is always the focal point of the First Americans series. Once again Power forges a leader to lead the people along

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    This novel, based on the archeology of authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear as well as others, explores the mythology and relationships between native peoples living 5000 years ago in what is now Montana and Wyoming. I was thoroughly engrossed. Character driven novels enthrall me.

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    Sometimes difficult to follow with all the talk of Power and the One, this is still a series I really enjoy. You learn a lot about the early peoples who inhabited our world, and so many interesting characters are introduced.

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    This is 3rd in the series of North America's Forgotten Past.

    The story starts out in the present when a company's bulldozer unearths a skeleton. They decide to hide it because of the ramifications of what it would mean--the shut down of their project and a bunch of dirt diggers taking over.

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    An unforgettable gallery of characters makes this ancient saga of North American Indians come alive.

    The year is 5000 B.C. Somewhere in the West, ancient Indian tribes are battline for supremacy, lead by competing Soul Fliers or shamans, each with a radically different vision for the ages yet to come in North

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    i’ve read a few books in this series and i’d have to say that this one’s my favourites. I liked the perspectives from which the authors presented their characters. it was a kind of pensive, but not seriously so… meaning that there are little tidbits to think over every now and again but these tidbits are by no means the f

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    Each novel has shown a pivotal point in the development of North American societies and provided an important glimpse of what life was life during these periods. Hundreds or thousands of years have passed between each novel, but memories are long, and the histories are passed from one generation to the next; with a few differences between

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    A Richer Look Into Our Past!
    One of the things that I love about this book series is that it is both educational and highly entertaining. It has a depth that allows the authors to bring history to life, allowing modern man to relate to their ancestors from long ago.
    The complex characters represent all aspects of the human psyche. They s

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    This is the sixth book by W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear that I've read and the third in the First American's Series. This book did not disappoint me. The Gears story of the early American Indian includes their culture, religious beliefs, food, cooking, and daily life interwoven with a cast of characters and adventure. Each book in the series could st

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