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Voice of the Eagle In VOICE OF THE EAGLE, Linda Lay Shuler continues her Time Circle Quartet as Kwani, She Who Remembers, her mate Tolonqua and their newborn son begin their trek to Cicuye, Tolonqua s homeCicuye is a pueblo city, an outpost where desert canyons meet the verdant buffalo range Danger lurks there, for marauding tribes prey on the village with savage ferocityKwani and Tolonqua argue for a new city, fortified and safe, high on the ridge But others fear leaving their ancestral home With battle near, this split within threatens the town s survival as much as the gathering tribes withoutp Historically valid and carefully reconstructed, this story of life in America prior to its discovery by Columbus kindles the imagination B O T Editorial Review Board

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    5 STARS OUTSTANDING Reading this giant 700 page masterpiece was a GIFT It was a beautiful blessing just to get so wrapped up in this story..and I am so excited for book 3 in the series to arrive at my house.I ordered it online.I think this is the greatest book series that has ever been written and I will be reccommending it to people until I can no longer talk Book o

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    Superior readingI fell in love with the story of Kwani in book one and remained thoroughly entranced with every page of Voice of the Eagle Highly recommend

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    The book started off slowly, and I made the mistake of comparing it to Jean Auel, who in my opinion cannot be surpassed in this genre I think it took me a bit to get into the flow of the story, which was meandering I m not sure if the pace picked up, or I finally settled into it, but after about 200 pages I was immersed in the story The books is just over 600 page Kwani s st

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    I really enjoyed this book by Linda Lay Shuler I have looked for other books by her in the second hand book stores but haven t found any If you liked Clan of the Cave Bear you ll love this book and even if you haven t read Clan of the Cave Bear you may love this book because it is a lighter story It has some magicthe old kind, from back in the cave man type days where they belie

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    I read this book with high hopes that it would fill a void after reading one of Jean Auel s books It was a bit of fun to read, but left me a bit wanting Too much drama for even a fantasy book It s an easy read, perhaps too easy.

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    Nice enough sequel to She Who Remembers Readingfor the recreation of the pueblo vs plain Indians lifestyles than anything else.

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    fabulous and interesting and enlightening.

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    This is a terrific follow on from She Who Remembers , you can image that these ancient people and their lives in their little settlements were just how Linda Lay Shuler depicts them Their beliefs, rituals, ceremonies and taboos are both realistic and acceptable for for this period in South America s history The story is full of adventure, competitiveness and jealousies with characters that are

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    Great way to learn and have funThis book is a great way to learn to understand ancient Anasazi culture and thinking and escape into a world of romance and adventure I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    A book in the grand scale that I adore I devoured this second in the Kwani series I loved the characters and the rich characterizations of the everyday life of the Native Americans of the American southwest There is much we could learn from them.My only slightly negative comment I d that, at times I found this story line tiresome and redundant It seemed to boil down to two boys disobeying once again an

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