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How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food Great Food Made SimpleHere S The Breakthrough One Stop Cooking Reference For Today S Generation Of Cooks Nationally Known Cooking Authority Mark Bittman Shows You How To Prepare Great Food For All Occasions Using Simple Techniques, Fresh Ingredients, And Basic Kitchen Equipment Just As Important, How To Cook Everything Takes A Relaxed, Straightforward Approach To Cooking, So You Can Enjoy Yourself In The Kitchen And Still Achieve Outstanding Results

About the Author: Mark Bittman

MARK BITTMAN is one of the country s best known and most widely respected food writers His How to Cook Everything books, with one million copies in print, are a mainstay of the modern kitchen Bittman writes for the Opinion section of New York Times on food policy and cooking, and is a columnist for the New York Times Magazine His The Minimalist cooking show, based on his popular NYT column, can be seen on the Cooking Channel His most recent book, VB6, debuted at 1 on the New York Times bestseller list in its first week on sale.

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    Okay, so, October is National Book Month, and there s a meme going around what book do you want everyone to read, fiction and non fiction And why So, this was my non fiction book.Why I want you to read this I know so many people who tell me they can t cook, they don t know how, it s too hard, and it s not If I could teach all the people I know and love how ea

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    This could go on my reading shelf because I m ALWAYS reading it It is my standard starting point for any recipe search that I do It is true that I don t always find everything I want yes, we all know the title is hyperbole , but what I find is just great This book is the Joy of Cooking for a new generation It has supplanted that venerable old institution, and presents

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    There are many different types of cookbooks The most basic type is a collection of recipes, presumably built around some theme Another type is the picture book, filled with pages of pictures of beautiful gourmet dishes Then there are the celebrity chefs, with books that promise something akin to what you can get from their restaurants, or results like their TV shows I have one

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    I first saw this cookbook in the kitchen of one of my favorite families, the Gambells, in New Haven, and the pages were falling out of the binding from extensive use a pretty good recommendation The reviews that say, hm, these recipes are simple almost minimalist are funny what did they expect from the author of The Minimalist column in the New York Times Many friends of mine have comp

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    I absolutely love this book It s never let me down We keep it on our kitchen cookbook shelf and that s where it s staying Highly recommend, especially for the younger ones just starting out

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    I ve had this for a few years Thanks Santa and have donereading than cooking, my fault, probably a crime I ve renamed it How to Cook Nothing, but now that my wife is returning to work soon I ll be trying out manyrecipes I expect success I already know the little food essays that dot the pages and open the chapters are excellent, because the writing is clear, learned, and vivid Like familiar ingredients

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    When I got this book, it was being billed as the new Joy of Cooking maybe it still is , a basic cookbook that covers everything from how to cook to what to cook And, for the most part, it is The directions are simple, Bittman clearly explains everything from the type of pots and pans you should have to the basics of cooking meat At the same time, I find that I rarely use this book, unless I m looking for a simpl

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    On page xi, Mark Bittman lays things out Anyone can cook, and most everyone should It s a sorry sign that many people consider cooking from scratch an unusual and even rare talent In fact, cooking is a simple and rewarding craft, one that anyone can learn and even succeed at from the get go There are the usual features in this cookbook and welcome for all that ingredients that ought to be in your kitchen page xiii ,equip

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    I am a person who gives books as presents It s fortunate that my son loves reading as much as everyone else in my family because he s gotten many books as presents over the years When he was here to see me this summer he expressed an interest in some cookbooks He s living in a dorm that is set up like an apartment so cooking is a new necessity I gave me the copy of The Joy of Cooking that my father gave me this was probably the s

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    The title is no hyperbole author and cooking expert Mark Bittman has included 2,000 recipes covering everything you would ever possibly want to cook, from the mundane to the exotic Whether it s everyday coleslaw, deviled eggs, fritters, chocolate cake and roasted chicken to recipes or theexotic recipes using plantains, lychees, fresh sardines, chickpea flour, chayote, miso, lemongrass, sweetbreads, daikon, queso fresco, j cama, persimmons

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