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Burn You Twice I'm always amazed at how Mary Burton can come up with a riveting story and not make it cliche I love her writing and this one is perfect for pandemic reading It has action, suspense, twists and turns I would love to seeof Joan and Gideon in future novels They are such wonderful characters that I want to see where their life goes. This Author is a MUST READ for me This book is phenomenal Back when they were in College, Joan and Ann almost died when an arsonist set their house on fire Ten years later with very different lives and still dealing with the trauma, their lives are again targeted by an arsonist The suspense is incredible and I did not see the ending until it hit me in the face I read past my bedtime to finish this book I wish this Author could write as fast as I can read (Only kidding.) Can't wait for her next book Thanks to NetGalley, Montlake Romance and the Author for allowing me to read and review this book. A slight change of direction for Mary Burton This time the story is about arson, death and the twisted mind of the person who sets the fires and their glee as the fire takes on a life of its own.Joan Mason, Philadelphia Detective, is suspended from duty for her mishandling of a case At the same time she receives word that Elijah Weston, a convicted arsonist who was jailed for 10 years for setting fire to the house where Joan and her best friend Ann were sleeping, is being released Joan reluctantly decides to go back to Montana to find the truth as Elijah is still denying setting the fire, even writing to Joan denying his involvement Once Joan arrives,fires are started and people begin to die and suspicion falls naturally on Elijah Joan joins forces with her ex lover Gideon Bailey (much against his will) and together they set out to find the arsonist as yetpeople die.I enjoyed this book, twists and turns abound and there are disturbing insights into the mind of a deranged killer Arson can be deadly After 10 years of serving time in a penitentiary, Elijah Weston has returned home to Missoula, Montana, home of where the College Fire was set Joan Mason immediately leaves Philadelphia and goes back to where she and Ann Bailey had survived the fire during their college years Fires and death start occurring, and as a homicide detective, Joan and local detective and former boyfriend, Gideon Bailey, set out to find out who is behind it all There is a lot of action, and I enjoyed learning about the psychological aspect of an arsonist, and gaining the insight of what goes through the mind of one It is blazing fantastic! [I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through NetGalley and my opinion is my own.] I am always excited for a new book by this author and this did not disappoint! The subject is arson It starts 10 years ago with a fire that Joan and Ann escaped from Even though someone was tried and convicted for that crime, something seemed off 10 years later Joan, a detective in PA comes back to Montana to face the man that served time for that fire She is reunited with Ann, meets her son Nate and with Gideon, her old love, and his son Kyle This story had a lot of twists and turns I found it really good and hated that it ended I was pleased to receive an advance copy for my opinion. This is a scorcher!!! Fire, Fire, Fire, andFire and I'm not talking love scenes, I'm talking HOT, scorching flames.This is a twisted, pageturning, actionpacked, edge of your seat, whodunit and I LOVED it I enjoyed getting a look into an arsonist's fireloving, demented mind and what lengths they will go in order to be in control.It has a cast of great characters, a couple of different storylines that intertwine, and a second chance love #BurnYouTwice #NetGalley #Joan #Ann #Gideon #Clark #Elijah #Twisted #HotFlames The Best Ever!This is my favorite of Mary Burton's great books! The suspense is exciting, and I couldn't put it down.It's a true thriller with some troubled characters, some really frightening fires and resulting tragedies, and the bit of romance keeps the reader hoping for some soft touches The Montana setting also adds to the interest with detailed descriptions of such powerful visuals.We might hope to see these characters again in another episode, as a few questions remain. Such great character development in this pageturning plot twister from Mary Burton I love her books, and this one doesn't disappoint! This time we head into the minds of serial arsonists as Joan, Gideon, Ann, and Elijah revisit history as the fires start again A satisfying ending to this one; but I am really hoping there isto come with these characters as I know Elijah hasof a story to tell and I can't wait to hear it! A scorching suspense with a side of psychological thriller Fire is front and center in this book From how it effects the survivors, to those it kills and how the arsonist mind is obsessed with it This was a captivating read that is so muchthan just a suspense novel. Fire can destroy the past It can also uncover secrets in this novel of searing suspense by New York Times bestselling author Mary BurtonTen years ago as an undergrad, Joan Mason escaped an arsonist’s fire Shaken, she fled the small collegiate Montana town, leaving behind friends and not looking back Now a Philadelphia homicide detective, Joan’s trying to put her traumas to rest It’s not easy Elijah Weston, the classmate who torched her house, is out of prison and returning to Missoula Gut instinct tells Joan he’ll strike again To stop him, she must return to the past as well To face not only the man she fears but Detective Gideon Bailey, too The man she loved and left behindWhen a local woman dies tragically in another fire, it can’t be a coincidence Can it be Elijah? He has a solid alibi for the night of the blaze Reunited by the tragedy, Joan and Gideon have their doubts So does Gideon’s sister, Ann—Joan’s old college roommateThe investigation draws Joan and Gideon together, but it also sends them down a dangerous path—into a troubling history that Joan, Elijah, and Ann all share As lives go up in flames in Missoula, this town’s secrets are just beginning to rise from the ashes

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Mary Burton, whose latest novel is Hide and Seek, loves writing suspense, getting to know her characters, keeping up with law enforcement and forensic procedure, morning walks, baking, and tiny dachshunds She also enjoys hunting down serial killers, which she does in her New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels Library Journal has compared her work to that of Lisa Jackson and Lisa Gardner

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