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Scarlet Odyssey Magic Is Women S Work War Is Men S But In The Coming Battle, None Of That Will MatterMen Do Not Become Mystics They Become Warriors But Eighteen Year Old Salo Has Never Been Good At Conforming To His Tribe S Expectations For As Long As He Can Remember, He Has Loved Books And Magic In A Culture Where Such Things Are Considered Unmanly Despite It Being Sacrilege, Salo Has Worked On A Magical Device In Secret That Will Awaken His Latent Magical Powers And When His Village Is Attacked By A Cruel Enchantress, Salo Knows That It Is Time To Take ActionSalo S Queen Is Surprisingly Accepting Of His Desire To Be A Mystic, But She Will Not Allow Him To Stay In The Tribe Instead, She Sends Salo On A Quest The Quest Will Take Him Thousands Of Miles North To The Jungle City, The Political Heart Of The Continent There He Must Gather Information On A Growing Threat To His TribeOn The Way To The City, He Is Joined By Three Fellow Outcasts A Shunned Female Warrior, A Mysterious Nomad, And A Deadly Assassin But They Re Being Hunted By The Same Enchantress Who Attacked Salo S Village She May Hold The Key To Salo S Awakening And His Redemption

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    Scarlet Odyssey is a young adult epic fantasy set in Africa written by debut author, C.T Rwizi, and I was here for it I like to mix a fantasy book in every once in a while to keep things fresh.Scarlet Odyssey is a journey odyssey in the title is fitting There is lots of world building, which was fantastic because I was able to live right among the group, I could s

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    Review from a very early advance copy This is a heroic quest story with a ragtag group of misfits, which is the best kind of misfit group It s the launch of a series by young African writer C T Rwizi, and the world here is inspired by cultures and myths of sub saharan Africa according to the book s PR information It s a thrilling, fanciful debut, crammed full of im

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    I am adding this to my did not finish pile I appreciate the publisher sending me an early copy of the book In all honesty, I think this book could be really great but unfortunately it s just not hooking me.There s a lot of terminology used without much definition which throws my head for a spin whether it s nouns, or places, or groups of people I find it hard to fol

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    I see I m a girl who wants to be a ranger, and you re a boy who wants to be a clan mystic, so let s be friends Finished Done Phew Don t get me wrong it was good 3.5 s It would have rated it higher had I been 100% sure of what was actually happening Salo, or Musalodi, is a chieftain s son who defies convention and works to become a clan mystic And yet, despite the exc

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    Initial thoughts like a 3.5 Phew, this was A JOURNEY it was ling but also really interesting but also a little confusing but in a good ish way

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    Scarlet Odyssey , a debut novel by C T Rwizi, scheduled for publication on 1st July, is an epic fantasy that twists the classic quest trope into something new and exciting C T Rwizi, who comes from Zimbabwe originally is another exciting writer adding to the growing body of African Science Fiction think Rosewater and Binti Scarlet Odyssey is an epic fantasy with world

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    Its fantasy, but broadly African fantasy and there are enough hints in here that it was Earth all along might be on the cards , but this is aiming high A broad multicharacter canvas where the lead character comes of age, steps into his power and then is sent on a journey the Odyssey of the title is earned.This has no pretence of being a done in one from the beginning th

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    I liked this book and didn t like it So much violence And cruelty Also quite original, interesting, and well written with good world development, good plotting, and good characters Some reviews have mentioned difficulty with the names or words, but that didn t bother me I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy and am used to having to learn new worlds and systems fo

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    Review originally published at Fantasy Literature Scarlet Odyssey 2020 is the debut novel by C.T Rwizi and the beginning of a new series, RED PLAINS It s an epic fantasy set in a world based on sub Saharan Africa, featuring a group of young people who might have the chance to stop an evil plan or might unwittingly put it in motion instead.The central point of view charact

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    group of misfits on a quest ermmm GIMME

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