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The Second Womb: Where Compassion Rescues Life The Second Womb Is A Nest, The Sacred Place That We All Must Have To Complete Our Becoming Whether It Is The Warmth And Safety Required After The First Birth, Or It Is The Space Needed For Withdrawal And Reimagining, The Second Womb Is The Needed Surrogate A Compassionate Experience That Works Outside Of Time As It Helps In Healing This Is A Book Of Poetry That Has Seven Chapters They Deal With The Feminine, Our Sacred Spaces, The Isolation Of Thought, Large And Small Truths, Life And Its Rhythms, And Many Other Ruminations

About the Author: Anna-Karen Sorensen

I wrote the poems included in order to share what I felt and learned as a caretaker of the tiniest of premature babies One thread has run through the whole of my experience in the NICU the rise of the unheralded sympathy that is native to all things What I expect to see in the intensive care setting is the most noble form of compassion, the love of mother for child, but what I witness is much

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