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A Bad Day for Sunshine Sheriff Sunshine Vicram Finds Her Cup O Joe Than Half Full When The Small Village Of Del Sol, New Mexico, Becomes The Center Of National Attention For A Kidnapper On The LooseDel Sol, New Mexico Is Known For Three Things Its Fry An Egg On The Cement Summers, Its Strong Cups Of Coffee And A Nationwide Manhunt Del Sol Native Sunshine Vicram Has Returned To Town As The Elected Sheriff An Election Her Adorably Meddlesome Parents Entered Her In And She Expects Her Biggest Crime Wave To Involve An Elderly Flasher Named Doug But A Teenage Girl Is Missing, A Kidnapper Is On The Loose, And All Of It S Reminding Sunny Why She Left Del Sol In The First Place Add To That Trouble At Her Daughter S New School And A Kidnapped Prized Rooster Named Puff Daddy, And Sunshine Has Her Hands Full Enter Sexy Almost Old Flame Levi Ravinder And A Hunky US Marshall, Both Elevens On A Scale Of One To Blazing Inferno, And The Normally Savvy Sheriff Is Quickly In Over Her Head Now It S Up To Sunshine To Juggle A Few Good Hunky Men, A Not So Nice Kidnapping Miscreant, And Doug The Ever Pesky Flasher And They Said Coming Home Would Be Drama Free Even if this book was solely about Doug the flasher, I would still read it and enjoy it Because Darynda Jones wrote it That is all. What a hilarious, entertaining, witty, thrilling ride from the fantastic author of Charley Davidson series I devoured the six books of the series and I should create time, sleeping less or multitasking like reading at the movie theatre, riding my spinning bike and eating my dinner at the same time So I can finish books Another solution I should get inserted special chips too my brain to read three books at the same time I laughed so much during my read and I couldn t leave this book It was literally glued to my hands thanks to one of my best friend Ashley s prank She avenged me for not listening to her boyfriend drama and got upset my devotion to this book I didn t want to get my hands off I kept laughing and laughing I cried my eyes out and I laughed Then I realized I was sitting at dentist chair and breathed too much nitrous oxide a.k.a laughing gas Good news my teeth look whiter like shark teeth and I didn t suffer during my appointment, special thanks to this author With this book, Darynda Sarcastic Queen of New Mexico stories introduces us a new series character Sheriff Sunshine Vicram Interestingly Post Malone s Sunflower song starts playing at my head as soon as I read her name , another independent, tough, funny, sexy, smart, likable character When you compare her with Charley, she deals with the mortal world demons and she has a big traumatic experience in her past defines her life choices and she is a good mother But she is luckier from parental side She is also flirty, confidant like Charley.But I think her 14 year old daughter Auri stole my heart and she became my favorite character of the book She is so smart, inherited her mother s detective skills, sensitive, cool, friendly, so much likable character A mother s dream daughter And of course Levi Ravinder, hottest tracker, Sunshine s oldest and gold est flame Sexy Back keeps playing at my head when I read his name of the book I keep chanting Dirty babe You see the shackles, baby, I m your slave , one of the most charismatic characters of the book Thankfully DJ gave us some delicious Reyes Farrow kind of hero devilish dream boyfriend So Sunshine returns back to her hometown Del Sol, New Mexico, where she left as a young, pregnant woman and turned back as sheriff As soon as she starts her first work day, a kidnapping case falls at her lap There is so much resembling things with Sunshine s own kidnapping experience she d endured when she was nearly 17 and coincidentally or not her own daughter connected with the kidnapped girl, insisting to help her mother to solve the mystery.In the meantime her never gets old flame Levi s nephew gets lost at the mountains which could be connected to their case and bring two never friends enemies possibly gonna be lovers face to face to start their searching party.I enjoyed the characters, witty, humorous writing, pacing, progression Only thing I didn t like and made me cut my one star is the mystery between Levi and Sunshine is soooo obvious and predictable It shouldn t be a cliffhanger of the first book It should be revealed and we have to face with another intriguing, questionable cliffhanger At some parts I really got angry of Sunshine and hot ass Levi and I wanted to grab their heads and hit them against the wall for making them talk honestly with each other They could have saved us from too much sexual and emotional tension Well, it s still great start for brand new series I want to read adventures of these characters and witness their enjoyable journeys, HEAs So much special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for sharing this incredibly funny, well written book in exchange my honest review and of course so much thanks to Darynda Jones for not making us wait too much and gave us brand new, entertaining series.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter Crazy Fun A Bad Day for Sunshine is part mystery, part family drama, and many parts wackadoodle The new sheriff of Del Sol, New Mexico, Sunshine Vicram, has her hands full her first day on the job a distraught woman drives her car into the police station, a prisoner has escaped from jail and is hiding out in Del Sol, and a 14 year old goes missing and leaves an eerie note behind detailing her demise To make things even stressful, the Mayor is keeping an eye on Sunshine as her methods for winning the Sheriff s election were less than conventional.Sunshine is a single mom to 14 year old Auri The details surrounding Auri s creation are murky and become the secondary mystery of this story When Sunshine was in high school she was abducted and has no memory of the incident One of the reasons she moves back to Del Sol is to find and get revenge on the man who abducted her The narrative is split between Sunshine and Auri Auri s story revolves around the challenges of starting a new school, falling in love, as well as helping her mom solve the mystery behind the missing girl Her storyline has a bit of a YA feel While I am not a huge YA fan, Auri s character is endearing and made her narrative enjoyable to read Sunshine and Auri have a relationship I loved reading about They are both quick witted and intelligent Their interactions and banter reminded me of Lorelei and Rory Gil Girls but on crack Another thread involves Sunshine s attraction to reformed bad boy Levi these two have amazing chemistry and I can t wait to see how their relationship evolves in the next book.This is a fun, entertaining read that had me laughing out loud Similar to Jones Charley Davidson series, this book is filled with eccentric, sharp characters The difference is there are no paranormal elements at least not yet This book is quirky and strange It was a breath of fresh air It also has a lot of heart Sunshine and Auri s quick wit kept me on my toes, and the mystery behind Sunshine s abduction and subsequent pregnancy has me intrigued I absolutely adored this book and CANNOT wait to read the next book in the series I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway This is one long laugh out loud blend of heady comic entertainment with crime fiction, the first in a new series by Darynda Jones set in Del Sol, New Mexico, a place that teems with the strange and the bizarre Sunshine Vicram has returned home with her beloved teenage daughter, Auri, after leaving a town where she experienced harrowing trauma She is not sure how this all happened, her parents are behind her election as sheriff, which means she will be working with her best childhood buddy, Deputy Quincy Cooper Her first day is one hell of an initiation, with a rooster, Puff Daddy, roaming free, resident local flasher Doug, a visit from Mayor Donna Lomas threatening to get to the bottom of her odd election as sheriff, an escaped fugitive at large, and a teenage girl, Sybil, has been abducted and the clock is ticking.Oh and Auri s first day at the local school is no piece of cake either as she is branded a narc and is the target of some mean teens, led by Lynelle, although there is the cool and edgy Cruz, who just can t keep his eyes off Auri Her hopes of meeting up with a girl, Sybil, she had met in the holidays crumbles to ashes when she becomes aware that Sybil has been kidnapped, and there is no way she is not going to investigate Sunny finds herself still carrying her childhood heart stopping attraction to Levi Ravinder, now running a successful corn whiskey distillery and the best tracker in town, skills needed when his autistic nephew, his sister Hailey s son, Jimmy, goes missing As Sunny finds family secrets spilling out, she turns to the Book Babes, a bookclub actually for gossip, socialising and drinking, for information, she finds herself surrounded by hot men, and puzzled why she cannot ever get hold of one Lieutenant Bobby Bo Britton This is my first read of Darynda Jones, and I had a whale of a time acquainting myself with Sunny, Auri and the entire town of Del Sol with its quirky eccentric residents This is a great novel to read if you are feeling even a hint of the blues and in need of a lift The mother daughter relationship of Sunny and Auri is a joy to behold, particularly as Sunny becomes aware of just how much Auri knows about her past All in all, this is kooky, fun and entertaining crime fiction and for sure I will be returning to this series Many thanks to St Martin s Press for an ARC.

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