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In the Dream House: A Memoir For Years Carmen Maria Machado Has Struggled To Articulate Her Experiences In An Abusive Same Sex Relationship In This Extraordinarily Candid And Radically Inventive Memoir, Machado Tackles A Dark And Difficult Subject With Wit, Inventiveness And An Inquiring Spirit, As She Uses A Series Of Narrative Tropes Including Classic Horror Themes To Create An Entirely Unique Piece Of Work Which Is Destined To Become An Instant Classic

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    With exacting, exquisite prose, Carmen Maria Machado writes about the complexities of abuse in queer relationships in her absolutely remarkable memoir In The Dream House She deftly chronicles the wildness of succumbing to desire, the entrancing tenderness of loving and being l

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    If you need this book, it is for you , so opens Machado s star bright and exquisitely crafted memoir, In the Dream House , the words like a hand on the reader s back.Very few works of writing arefraught,tremulous and dauntless, than a memoir It s mental self flagellation the prying open

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    YES YES YES A 1000x better than expected, and I expected nothing short of holy scripture.Months earlier I stumbled upon the description and knew this book would be monumental As early reviews crept in, my anticipation grew I had my Kindle fully charged and stayed up until midnight so I could star

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    Contemplative and inventive, In the Dream House dispels the silence surrounding abusive queer relationships In her debut memoir Machado recounts the violence she endured for years at the hands of her first girlfriend, a rail thin, androgynous unnamed white woman who routinely invalidated and gaslighted her

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    In the Dream Houseis a most unmemoir like memoir This account of Carmen Maria Machado s years in an abusive same sex relationship plays with form, blending elements of literary criticism, pop culture essays, folk tales and the shadowy worlds of her short fiction To tell this real life story, Machado cleaves herself

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    You enjoy reading memoirs because you like to get a better understanding of people, how they think and feel, to learn different perspectives You are lesbian and particularly enjoy memoirs by people in the LGBQT community You see this memoir come out ha ha about a lesbian relationship and you notice a lot of people really love

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    Wow, this is a very powerful memoir about an abusive same sex relationship I listened to the audiobook for this, and this story was honestly felt like reading her diary it was so raw and honest and devastating, plus the writing is absolutely gorgeous I haven t read about abuse in a same sex relationship before, so this book definitely

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    This was absolutely incredible Just, wow.

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    Winner of the Lambda Award for LGBTQ Nonfiction 2020In this intimate, formally experimental memoir, Machado recalls how she survived an abusive relationship, but gives her own experiences a wider context As she illustrates by giving examples from real life, art and scientific texts, violence in lesbian relationships has rarely been acknowledged and discus

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    Such a powerful memoir about a horrifying abusive relationship In spare vignettes, Carmen Maria Machado documents the beginning, middle, and end of her relationship with an ex girlfriend who threatened, humiliated, and tried to control her I m a sucker for short chapters and Machado writes them well here, describing the terror and confusion she felt at the hands of

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