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My Sister the Moon In prehistoric Alaska, an Aleut girl, unwanted and abused, changes the destiny of her tribeGray Bird wanted only sons His daughter, Kiin, would have been killed at birth to make way for a male heir if not for the tribal chief, Kayugh, who claimed the infant as a future wife for one of his two young sons Sixteen years later, Kiin is caught between the two brothers one to whom she is promised, the other whom she desires But the evil spawned by her own family takes her far from her people to a place where savage cruelties, love, and fate will strengthen and change her, and lead her to her ultimate destiny

About the Author: Sue Harrison

Sue Harrison is the author of six critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling novels Mother Earth Father Sky, My Sister the Moon and Brother Wind make up The Ivory Carver Trilogy, an epic adventure set in prehistoric Alaska Song of the River, Cry of the Wind and Call Down the Stars comprise The Storyteller Trilogy Sue s young adult book, SISU, was released by Thunder Bay Press.Sue Harrison was born in Lansing, Michigan The first of five children, she was raised in the town of Pickford in Michigan s Upper Peninsula where she lives with her husband, a retired high school principal They are blessed with a daughter and a son, a daughter in law and two grandchildren.A graduate of Pickford High School, Harrison graduated summa cum laude from Lake Superior State University with a B.A in English Language and Literature She was named Lake Superior State University s Distinguished Alumna in 1992, and served eight years on the university s Board of Regents.Harrison s first novel, Mother Earth Father Sky, was published in 1990 by Doubleday hardcover and Avon paperback It was nominated in the states of Michigan and Washington for the Reader s Choice Award among high school students, and was one of ten books chosen for Battle of the Books, a statewide student reading competition in Alaska The novel as had success in both the adult and young adult markets, and was a national bestseller It was selected by the American Library Association as one of 1991 s Best Books for Young Adults.Harrison s second novel, My Sister the Moon, Doubleday Avon 1992 has also received recognition by reading and school groups throughout the United States and was a Baker and Taylor top ten in library sales Both Mother Earth Father Sky and My Sister the Moon were Main Selections of the Literary Guild Book Club and alternate selections of the Doubleday Book Club Brother Wind, Harrison s third novel was released in hardcover by William Morrow, October 1994, and in 1995 as an Avon paperback The novel was chosen as an alternate selection by both the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs Song of the River and Cry of the Wind were both published by Avon Hardcover Avon paperback, a division of Hearst Books The third book of The Storyteller Trilogy, Call down the stars was published by Morrow Avon in 2001 and 2002 It was featured alternate of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs.Harrison s books have also been published in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Japan, France, Finland, and South America.Harrison is represented by Rachelle Gardner of WordServe Literary She is currently writing women s contempory fiction for the inspirational market.

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    A man is what he himself does, what he thinks, what he learns, his own skills Sue Harrison, My Sister the Moon3.5 stars.I adore books on Indian History and culture This one is part of a series but I read it as a stand alone.To be honest..I wasn t crazy about it I was deeply touched and thought the writing was terrific But it was a bit different then I d thought it would be although that is on me for no

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    Let me start by saying that Native American prehistory is not one of my interests The Ivory Carver Trilogy, by Sue Harrison, is set in pre historic Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands They are proof positive that a good story trumps a reader s preference for setting After reading Mother Earth, Father Sky, the first book of the series read my review there was no question that I had to move on to My Sister the Moon.T

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    My favorite in the series with MOTHER EARTH, FATHER SKY and MY SISTER THE MOONI bought it at a thrift store it was way better than I thougth it would be

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    If I had to name a favorite book, I would name My Sister the Moon My Sister the Moon is the second installment in a trilogy beginning with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and ending with Brother Wind I first read it, my eyes glued to every page when I was 17 years old, sometimes in the early 90s I eventually read the book again with adult eyes a couple of years ago and loved it even .My Sister the Moon is an adventurous story filled w

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    I enjoyed this book It was well written and the character were well developed I like historical fiction and this painted an exciting picture of what life would have like along the Aleutian Islands I ve been to a number of museums in the Northwest and this story helped to bring life to what I saw.I suggest this book strongly to anyone that enjoys this type of novel.

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    This is the second book in Harrison s Ivory Carver series, and I liked it about as much as I liked the first one, which was quite a lot This one follows the story of Kiin, the much abused daughter of the evil Gray Bird from the first book Reviled by her father for not being male yet saved from death by the kindness of Kayugh, husband of Chagak, who promises his son Amgigh as husband for Kiin Chagak is a secondary character in this book, but I gre

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    This is the continuation of Mother Earth Father Sky and kinda follows into the story with the main characters children Also the main character is a woman They really went through a lot It makes you appreciate being born here and now when women are of value and don t have to fight for their life.

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    graphic but somehow i just had to know what was going to happenso i finished it it s a nice story and a setting uncommon to most books

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    The second book in the Ivory Carver Trilogy and holds up quite well.

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    I just read My Sister the Moon for the second time in 25 years I didn t remember the details of the story so I enjoyed the book as if it were a first time read The 2nd book in the Ivory Carver Series isn t as quick a read as Mother Earth Father Sky but the story is engaging and the characters are well developed The landscape of the ancient Alaskan Aleutian Chain is almost a character itself The reason I can t love this book is because of the extreme heartache and sadness surroundin

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