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The New Best Recipe The Flagship Book Of The Award Winning, Best Selling Series, Is Back Bigger And Better Than Ever Fully Updated And Double The Size Of The Original, This New Edition Boasts Chapters Covering , Foolproof Recipes % New Recipes Pack This , Page, One Stop Source For The Best Tested Recipes In America

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    It s hard for me to name my favorite cookbook largely because I have nearly 500 of them and if truth be told I read themthan cook from them But if one of my clients or friends wants to know what book to add to their collection, this is near the top of the lists.Brought to you by t

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    This book has great, solid, totally doable recipes even for a person with afrugal than gourmet budget , and I totally geek out on their scientific method style approach I have to say, though, that the introductions to their recipes consistently amuse me Almost all follow this format where t

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    I love this book I look here first when dealing with cuts of meat I haven t cooked before It also helps me decide how I want my animals butchered I buy whole or half animals from local ranches it can be daunting to sort through all the different options I have used many, many recipes from here and ex

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    I wasn t that excited when my mom got me this book as a Christmas present I mean, how many cookbooks does one girl need Then I started reading it and getting excited I LOVE that someone has already done the work that a good cook would do The reason great cooks are great cooks is that they try recipes, tweak th

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    This is a pretty killer book I think that there could berecipes in the book, given how huge it is, but that isn t really the book s agenda The authors have tested several versions of the recipes to determine what techniques and ingredients produce the best results I had no idea that you should cover fried eggs while the

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    I love poached eggs, but I ve never been able to make them well When I tried the recipe in this book, they came out Perfect Perfect, I tell you And they ve been perfect ever since.I love waffles, but I ve never been able to make them well When I tried the recipe in this book, they came out Perfect Perfect, I tell you And they ve

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    When the folks at Cook s Illustrated say exhaustively tested, they mean exhaustively tested Each recipe in here has been deemed the best and so far, I can t disagree A good, basic, bare bones cookbook, it is a great launching off point for any cook beginner or otherwise.

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    Although I would much rather call Berit to ask her what I should do with ____________ I find myself often referencing this very large compendium of almost everything I like to eat It may even replace Betty the Crock as my go to cookbook I wonder what my mother will say

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    This book has yet to let me down I have made countless recipes from this book, each one with clear cut instructions and detail It is my go to book I shouldn t have been surprised, in my experience, everything Cooks Illustrated has put out has been of good quality.

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    My staple cookbook Love it Great pie crust recipe.

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