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Discourse on the Origin of Inequality If Humans Are Benevolent By Nature, How Do Societies Become Corrupt And How Do Governments Founded Upon The Defense Of Individual Rights Degenerate Into Tyranny These Are The Questions Addressed By Jean Jacques Rousseau S Discourse On The Origin Of Inequality, A Strikingly Original Inquiry Into Much Explored Issues Of 18th Century And Subsequent Philosophy Human Nature And The Best Form Of Government.Rousseau Takes An Innovative Approach By Introducing A Hypothetical History That Presents A Theoretical View Of People In A Pre Social Condition And The Ensuing Effects Of Civilization In His Sweeping Account Of Humanity S Social And Political Development, The Author Develops A Theory Of Human Evolution That Prefigures Darwinian Thought And Encompasses Aspects Of Ethics, Sociology, And Epistemology He Concludes That People Are Inevitably Corrupt As A Result Of Both Natural Or Physical Inequalities And Moral Or Political Inequalities.One Of The Most Influential Works Of The Enlightenment, The Discourse On The Origin Of Inequality Offers A Thought Provoking Account Of Society S Origins And A Keen Criticism Of Unequal Modern Political Institutions.

About the Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Discourse on the Origin of Inequality book, this is one of the most wanted Jean-Jacques Rousseau author readers around the world.

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    Why rulers are rulers and why we serve them18 January 2013 I found this book an interesting read and it does has some interesting concepts While it sort of reads like Adam Smith s Wealth of Nations, much of the ideas are based upon speculation and Rousseau s conclusions

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    I shall hopefully write a proper review once I have composed my thoughts, but for now I will seek to emulate the delighted and reverential tone of those critics whose choiciest lines of praise are plastered on the back cover, front cover and insides of books A magnificent triump

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    rousseau has written the first anti civ, anarchist philosophical essay that i am aware of it doesn t seem to be fully acknowledged as that, but it s clear what rousseau is talking about when he declares All ran to meet their chains thinking they secured their freedom Such was the origin of societ

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    Without Rousseau s careful reflections on the distance from pure sensations to the simplest knowledge , Kant couldn t have applied his theory that, Men work themselves gradually out of barbarity if only intentional artifices are not made to hold them in it Rousseau says the distance couldn t have been bridged with

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    I m occasionally struck by how bad the great classics of political philosophy are Consider that, when teaching philosophy, we spend an awful lot of energy convincing students that their arguments have to be tight, they have to avoid fallacies, they have to back up their reasoning, and they have to avoid special pleading Th

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    I had a much harder time diving into this discourse compared to his previous on art and science which I thoroughly enjoyed Once I got through his ramblings, which was about half of the book, I was thoroughly captivated though which salvaged my rating and of course overall enjoyment It seems to be an imperative to remember the timin

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    The title of this marvelous essay might suggest that it is about politics, but no it s not Rousseau tackled political problems and solutions in The Social Contract, and no, the social contract is not the solution to the problems of human condition he laid out in The Discourse on Inequality Apparently Rousseau s radicalness goes way...

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    Estoy muy contenta de que la profesora de historia me haya mandado a leer este libro porque no se piensen que agarrar a as como as una obra de Rousseau por mi cuenta Antes de comenzar conUn discurso sobre la desigualdado como sea que se haya traducido en espa ol , me esperaba un lenguaje s per complicado y unos conceptos en extremo complejos Adem s,

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