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Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking Title Essentials Of Classic Italian Cooking Binding Hardcover Author MarcellaHazan Publisher AlfredA.Knopf

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    My favorite when it comes to Italian food I love Marcella, though my Italian friend Christiana says Marcella and her adorable husband are trailer court Italian We actually own TWO copies of this book, the nice newer copy you pick up to leaf through, and a tattered older copy that I learned Italian cooking from It has a permanent rip for the riso

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    Time to tackle one of those eternal verities to choose good, or to choose evil is it nature, or nurture hang to the left, or to the right Can a cookbook be treated as read based on completion of a statistically significant sample of the recipes or do I have to go over every page of the damn thing Having majored in chemistry, I long fancied myself

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    I ve never used this reviewer s cliche before, but if I could give it ten stars, I would.If you think your pasta sauces are good, make hers and stand astounded.If you think you have a handle on making pasta, pizza, gnocchi, soups et cetera, let her school you.If you want to eat really, really well every night, then work your way through this cookb

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    This book is what I consider one of the three essential reference texts for anyone who is serious about the culinary arts I have learned almost everything I know about Italian food from this bookand I m still learning from it after ten years I brought this book with me the year I lived in Milan and tried to cook my way through itit was impossible s

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    O mia cara Marcella Thanks to her I will never eat bottled tomato sauce again I have used this cookbook on a near daily basis since I received it as a gift two months ago I have made and frozen almost all of her tomato based sauces and I cannot imagine ever opening another jar of Prego in my life Chicken cacciatora, pan broiled steaks with tomatoes

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    Marcella is the cranky Julia Child, but she does know her Italian cooking and with her husband who writes translates into english her books teaches you the basics of Italian cooking Her pesto and Bolognese recipes are amazing and staples in our house You have to put up with her snottiness which just cracks me up , but it s worth it.

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    I love this cookbook At the time I bought it, I was living in London with an italian man who was homesick and dreaming of mama s cooking back in Venice I felt like the author, Signora Hazan, was my own private teacher and my live in guinea pig definitely approved of the risotto one of my first endeavors And don t think it s all just pasta and starches

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    I m a not very good cook who would love to be a great chef Hazan s cookbook was recommended by a friend who is a fantastic cook, and it was absolutely illuminating About 30 pages in, I thought man, I m doing everything wrong And you will feel like that as you read this book She has very exacting standards, and she is very peculiar about ingredients onl

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    This is a wonderful and classic cookbook My mother has used it for years and gave me a copy some years ago and I go to it often For pasta dishes, meat dishes, salads There are some extraordinary dishes in this book that you have most likely not had before and will cherish for all your years as a cook and food lover A great book for a beginner or an expe

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    If you only have room for one Italian cookbook on your shelves, this is it Beautifully written, wonderfully opinionated, as the title says essential.

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