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Montesquieu: Selected Political Writings The Essential Political Writings Of Montesquieu A Substantial Abridgment Of The Spirit Of The Laws, Plus Judicious Selections From The Persian Letters And Considerations Of The Romans Greatness And Decline Are Masterfully Translated By Melvin Richter Prefaced By A New Fifty Page Introduction By Richter For This Revised Edition, The Selected Political Writings Displays The Genius And Virtuosity Of Montesquieu The Philosopher, Social Critic, Political Theorist, And Literary Stylist, Whose Work Commands The Attention Of All Students Of The Enlightenment And Of Modern Constitutional Thought

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    Awful fuckin translationThere s liberty in translation where idioms or perhaps clarity might be better expressed in another matter between languages but Richter takes too many liberties to the point that you wonder whether he was capable of working with the French or not.I dont normally rate philosophical works on the pretense that i dont really have a valid standard for comparing philosophies but this edit

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    Read selections from L esprit des lois and Lettres persanes for class Really enjoyed the latter, while the former was oftentimes tedious and obscure I enjoyed Montesquieu s efforts to approach the state of nature from aanthropological perspective, however much of his other reasoning either a did not impress me or b escaped me Will I return to this book on my own time

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    this volume focuses on the works of philosopher, social critic and political theorist Montesquieu and engages ideas on the Enlightenment and modern constitutional thought.

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    this book blew my mind.

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