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The Spirit of the Laws The Spirit Of The Laws Is, Without Question, One Of The Central Texts In The History Of Th Century Thought, Yet There Has Been No Complete Scholarly English Language Edition Since This Lucid Translation Renders Montesquieu S Problematic Text Newly Accessible To A Fresh Generation Of Students, Helping Them To Understand Why Montesquieu Was Such An Important Figure In The Early Enlightenment And Why The Spirit Of The Laws Was Such An Influence On Those Who Framed The American Constitution Fully Annotated, This Edition Focuses On Montesquieu S Use Of Sources And His Text As A Whole, Rather Than On Those Opening Passages Toward Which Critical Energies Have Traditionally Been Devoted A Select Bibliography And Chronology Are Also Provided

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    I beg one favour of my readers, which I fear will not be granted me this is, that they will not judge by a few hours reading of t

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    This is almost as huge as Leviathan and possibly scarier EDIT I love how Montesquieu makes DIRECT rebuttals Locke, that dear old fellow, add

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    Modern pundits and general yappers would do well to readMontesquieu and less of whatever they are reading now if they are, in fact, reading anything a

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    I m not sure what can compare in the West to The Spirit of Laws before its publication in 1748 Sure, there were the Greeks Plato s Republic and Laws were extens

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    Montequieu placed emphasis on reason as the guide for laws and society, but also respected tradition, historical precedent, and the spirit of the people Laws should be ba

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    As for Rousseau I have to admit I started this lecture with some prejudice whereas I mistakenly imagined Rousseau to be this half autistic failed novelist wearing rose tinted glass

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    Have you ever been curious as to why we have certain laws and why they have the effects they have That is what is covered in this book It opens by talking about why he thinks humans establis

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    I m at a loss for words trying to describe my experience reading this book The scope of this book is immense, the topics are so varied and the lessons one could should draw from it are so numerous, th

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    Read by Catherine the Great.

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    Goodreads has linked Defense de l esprit des lois with Montesquieu s magnum opus.The Defense is merely a pamphlet, a reply to one or two critics of L esprit des lois I can t say I read it easily, but I read it all 61 pp

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