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Reindeer Moon (Reindeer Moon, #1) A Fictional Account Of The Life Of A Siberian Tribe , Years Ago, From The Author Of Harmless People And Warrior Herdsmen It Is Both The Story Of A Daily Struggle For Survival Against Starvation, Cold And Violence, And An Evocation Of Spiritual Journeys And Primitive Magic

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    3.5 4 starsFor a while now I ve been wanting to read a book that takes place in human pre history, an era that has becomeandfascinating to me of late, and yet I had a hard time finding something that fit the bill for me The obvious choice, I suppose, would have been Jean Auel s notorious bestseller The Clan of the Cave Bear, but I ve read

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    This review applies to both, Reindeer Moon and The Animal Wife by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas First, I have to say that as much as I love Jean Auel s Earth s Children series, these two novels are simply the very best fictional accounts of prehistoric life on the steppe tundra of the Altai region of Siberia during the late Upper Paleolithic, i.e.,

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    This book was a real surprise I thought I d pick up a quick end of the summer read, but it really grabbed me farthan I ever would have suspected A coming of age story of a willful, headstrong girl named Yanan some 20,000 years ago, but it s not juvenile in any way Quite real and stark as to what survival or not surviving meant in this ice age gauntl

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    This is the kind of book Jean Auel intended to write when she wrote Clan of the Cave Bear and then Valley of the Horses My biggest complaint about Auel s series was the routine intrusion of sex that reminded me of a tawdry Harold Robbins novel Thomas succeeds as best as any writer has in opening a pathway to an imagined world of 20,000 years ago in the S

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    Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Reindeer Moon is a wonderful pre history story, much in the same catagory as The Clan of The Cave Bear Its not about mammoth hunters, although some of the can do hunt mammoth There is no drama of a captured woman or child only the gifts of a marriage exchange, and the arguments about the gifts These people seemed to be muchprogressiv

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    i couldn t put this book I wouldn t share it with my husband either It is a book about a young girl coming of age in a very primitive society or clans of families Great book for women.

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    Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is acclaimed for her ability to capture the essence of what life used to be long before anyone recorded it Reindeer Moon Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2015 is her first novel and an iconic story of early man from 20000 BCE struggling to survive in the cold of central Siberia We follow Yanan, a headstrong young girl who comes of age in the harsh cl

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    Well, I certainly enjoyed thisthan I was expecting In my youth, I read a lot of this type of prehistoric fiction, and found most of it very modern in feel, only set in some prehistoric land This novel well and truly felt like the story was of another time The characters were very primitive in their society they related closely to the animals around them, to the point where

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    Like the premise of this book a prehistoric woman becomes the helper and guardian of her tribe when her spirit is captured after she dies I enjoyed the story.

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    On varmaan 15 20 vuotta siit kun luin t m n kirjan edellisen kerran Muistan, ett se oli ns tosi hyv , varsinkin verrattuna moniin muihin kivikautta k sitteleviin romaaneihin Eik se pett nytk n Tarinassa kyll huomaa, ett Marshall Thomas on mets st j ker ilij yhteis ihin perehtynyt antropologi, eik satunnainen kyn ilij.Mik n hyv n mielen tarinahan t m ei ole Muistan ensimm isell kerral

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